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Television Star

Mary Padian Net Worth: How Rich is the Storage Wars Star?

mary padian net worth
mary padian net worth

Mary Padian is a reality television personality from the United States. She is best known for her appearance on A&E’s hit reality show “Storage Wars.” Mary Padian’s net worth is estimated to be around $600,000 as of 2021.

Full NameMary Padian
Birth DateAugust 24, 1980
Birth PlaceDallas, Texas, United States
ProfessionReality TV personality
Relationship StatusN/A
Net Worth$600 thousand

Mary Padian Childhood

Mary Padian first opened her eyes on August 24, 1980, in Dallas, Texas, USA. John and Teresa, her parents, gave birth to her. Her parents divorced in 2009, and she grew up in a single-parent household. Despite their divorce, she managed to maintain a close relationship with both of her parents.

Mary’s father, John, ran a scrap metal recycling business. She became interested in scrap work after seeing her father’s work. She even adopted her father’s mastery skill of transforming old scrap into usable items.

Luke, her younger brother, was her only sibling. In Mary’s family, she has a large number of relatives. She actually has more than 42 cousins. She attended the University of Texas for her studies, where she earned a degree in photojournalism. She interned at the magazine company “D” shortly after graduation.


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Mary Padian Net Worth & Career

Mary moved to New York as an adult and began working as an assistant to Paige Rense, the editor of Architectural Digest. While working for Paige, she developed an interest in found objects and furniture. She was soon assigned as an assistant editor for Architectural Digest. This inspired her to create the video series “Mary’s Finds.”

Mary even named her shop, which she opened in 2010, “Mary’s Finds.” She used to sell secondhand store items. While running the store, she used to buy some items from Moe Prigoff, a storage unit buyer who appeared on the first season of “Storage Wars.”

Mary’s ability to extract gold from trash earned her a spot on the reality TV show “Storage Wars.” Since the fifth season, she has been a regular member of the series’ main cast. Mary was even dubbed “The Junker.” She has been able to impress viewers due to her appearance on the reality show.

There has been no confirmation that she will appear in the 13th season of the reality show. Producers, on the other hand, may not let her go because they do not want to lose such a creative talent for their show.

Mary is still in the upcycling business, though her shop “Mary’s Finds” is no longer open. She is currently working on an online version of her upcycling business under the same name.

Personal Life of Mary Padian

In her personal life, Mary Padian has remained silent. She revealed her boyfriend, Dylan, during her appearance on Storage Wars. She went on to say that they met in Texas. However, there is no additional information about her love life. She has not revealed whether or not she is still in a relationship with Dylan.

Mary Padian’s Net Worth

By 2021, Mary Padian will have amassed a total net worth of $600,000 dollars. She was paid $15,000 for a single episode of Storage Wars while she was on the show.


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