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Alexander Nix Net Worth: Wealth of CEO of Cambridge Analytica

alexander nix net worth
alexander nix net worth

Alexander Nix is a former CEO of Cambridge Analytica and director of Strategic Communication Laboratories Group. As of 2021 Alexander Nix’s net worth is projected to be $10 million.

Alexander Nix Early Life

Nix was born in Notting Hill, London, on May 1, 1975. His father, Paul David Ashburner Nix, was an investment manager who worked for the M&G group for 27 years and was also a shareholder in SCL Group. Nix attended Eton College before enrolling at the University of Manchester, where he majored in art history. He began his career as a financial analyst for Robert Fraser & Partners LLP, a tax and corporate firm, after graduating. In 2003, he left the firm to join SCL Group.

Alexander Net Worth & Cambridge Analytica

Cambridge Analytica was founded in 2013 by Alexander Nix as an offshoot of the SCL Group. Cambridge Analytica was launched to target voters in over 40 election campaigns across South America, Europe, Africa, the United States, and Asia. The corporation is best known in the United States for its role in the 2014 midterm elections and the 2016 presidential primary and referendum. His business was a supporter of Republican candidates such as Ted Cruz and Donald Trump.

Cambridge Analytica Data Scandal

Cambridge Analytica’s Brexit campaign, which ran prior to the 2016 UK European Union membership referendum, was also in favor of leaving the EU. Nix also offered Ukrainian girls to discredit Sri Lankan political opponents.

The British High Court issued the ICO a warrant to search Cambridge Analytica’s London offices on March 23, 2018. As a result, Alexander Nix was removed from his role as CEO and replaced by Julian Wheatland.

The personal data of up to 87 million Facebook users was obtained via the 270,000 Facebook users who used the “This Is Your Digital Life” Facebook app.

Giving this third-party app permission to obtain their data back in 2015 also allowed the app access to information on the user’s friends network; this resulted in the data of approximately 87 million users being obtained, the majority of whom had not specifically granted Cambridge Analytica permission to access their data. By providing the data to Cambridge Analytica, the app developer violated Facebook’s terms of service.

The company claimed to use “data enhancement and audience segmentation strategies,” as well as “psychographic research” to gain a “deeper understanding of the target audience.” The Big Five personality model is used by the organization.  The company claims that it can predict “needs” of subjects and how these needs can change over time by using what it calls “behavioral microtargeting.” Services may then be individually targeted for the benefit of its clients in the political arena, states, and businesses, resulting in “a stronger and more actionable view of their main audiences.” According to Sasha Issenberg, CA suggests that it may reveal information about an individual that he might not be aware of.

CA derived a large portion of its personality data from online surveys, which it conducts on a regular basis. The firm will narrow voter categories for each political client from the 32 different personality styles it assigns to every adult in the United States.

“Today in the United States we have somewhere close to four or five thousand data points on every individual … So we model the personality of every adult across the United States, some 230 million people.” – Alexander Nix

Alexander Personal Life

In terms of personal life, he is married to Olympia Paus. They have three children and live in Notting Hill. Olympia Paus’ father, Christopher Paus, was a shipping executive as well as an investor. He is said to own shares in companies in the offshore petroleum industry worth nearly 100 million pounds.


Alexander Nix Net Worth

With his executive roles in numerous companies as well as other estimated financial income received for his various roles we expect Alexander Nix’s net worth to be about $10 million. Alexander Nix has a net worth of nearly $10 million.

Source: Wikipedia


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