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600Breezy Net Worth: How Rich is the Rapper?

600Breezy Net Worth: Antonio Valentino King, best known by his stage name 600 Breezy, is a rapper and songwriter from the United States. He is also a member of the Black Disciples gang and has a history of running into trouble with the police. As of 2021, 600Breezy’s net worth is projected to be $700,000.

600Breezy Early Life

600Breezy was born in Chicago, Illinois, on April 16, 1991. He was exposed to hip hop by the late rapper L’A Capone, who was also a fellow gang member of Breezy. Breezy claims that Capone had a significant influence on his decision to pursue rap, particularly after his death in 2013.

600Breezy Net Worth & Career

One of his early hits was a mixtape called Breezo George Gervin: Iceman Edition, which was titled in honor of NBA Hall of Famer George Gervin. He went on to release the projects Views and Sixo Breezo, which gained him further recognition.

However, it was in 2017 when the name 600 Breezy became more well-known among the general public, since his voice were used in Drake’s song Lose You. At the 2017 Billboard Music Awards, he would share the stage alongside Drake, Nicki Minaj, and Lil Wayne.

He has faced some difficulties, though, since he would have to serve 16 months in jail for a parole violation and prior narcotics participation.

600 Breezy previously dated Ashley Jones from Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant. His relationship with the rapper Queen Key, on the other hand, would be fraught with turmoil. Queen Key went on the internet after their split and openly released a video of Breezy giving her oral sex.

Breezy received a lot of flak as a result of this. However, there would be a sequel to the tale as Queen, who is expecting triplets, revealed during an Instagram Live with friends that Breezy is the father of the triplets. However, despite the likelihood, he has rejected these allegations.

In 2014, 600Breezy released his debut song, Don’t Get Smoked. It soon became a success, gaining him attention. Over the course of five years, the official music video became viral, garnering over 7 million views.

The next year, he collaborated with S.Dot on King of The Six. He was also a member of the critically acclaimed Stupid, which he co-wrote with Huncho Hoodo. In August, 600Breezy released his most important project, Six0 Breez0, which included well-known musicians like as Young Famous, Huncho Hoodo, and Edai and had nineteen songs.

That same year, he secured a contract with the Empire Records label. Along with that, he launched his own label, 600Breezy.

In 2016, he published three projects, two of which were segments of Breezo George Gervin and the other was an EP titled First Forty-8. That same year, he shared the stage alongside rappers such as Lil Wayne and Nicki Minaj at the 2017 Billboard Music Awards.


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